The platform for the generation, utilization and verification of COVID-19 Digital Immunity Certificate

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The platform for the generation, utilization and verification of COVID-19 Digital Immunity Certificate

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Travel Safe. Arrive Healthy

CovIDpass aims at providing the solution to the challenge of safe traveling by offering the infrastructure to certify, verify and validate the COVID Immunity of the passengers, allowing them to enter the plane and travel safely, by an objective and indisputable fashion.

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What it does

CovIDpass enables national and cross-border population transit bringing together the key stakeholders: transportation, health organizations, citizens, and other involved private or public parties. Specifically, CovIDpass implements a privacy-preserving and secure mechanism for the issuance and validation of the COVID-19 immunity certificate of citizens.

CovIDpass involves:

  1. 1.Health organizations that are executing the process towards virus immunity and issue the COVID-19 immunity certificate with an expiration date
  2. 2.Citizens who are being provided with an encrypted QR Code based on blockchain infrastructure
  3. 3.Stakeholders (transportation facilities, public locations) that are capable to scan the QR code, decrypt and verify information, as well as the validity of the certificate itself through the blockchain infrastructure.

CovIDpass Components

CovIDpass software infrastructure incorporates:
- A web application that enables Health Organizations stakeholders, that are responsible to execute the medical process towards virus immunity verification, to issue the COVID-19 immunity digital certificate with an expiration date taking under consideration the virus immunity duration;
- A blockchain infrastructure in which the platform stores and maintains the encrypted QR Code of the Immunity Certificate. CovIDpass blockchain infrastructure is responsible to answer to all requests for verification of immunity of citizens coming from authorities through Scanning Agents. A “valid” Immunity Certificate will allow the entrance in the specific location (transportation facility, or public location) of the citizen alongside with his/her identification document;
- A mobile application that enables the Scanning Agents (transport, sports, events or other ecosystems that include crowd access) to scan the encrypted QR code, decrypt the information, and verify the validity of the information, as well as the validity of the certificate itself through the blockchain infrastructure, allowing the citizen to enter safely.

Technological Highlights

For the implementation of CovIDpass, a set of technological decisions has been made towards the achievement of the following functional elements:

  • The Medical Professional that inputs the citizen’s personal data into CovIDpass is strictly authorized;
  • The generated information is stored and transferred ensuring complete privacy;
  • The data are stored in a highly-secure, immutable and indisputable fashion;
  • The QR code is protected against unwanted scanning that would lead to data breach; 
  • Its interoperation with existing 3rd party repositories or solutions is enabled by design, facilitating its smooth operation;
  • The technologies to be utilized enable its scalability and performance by design
  • Its infostructure is replicable and deployable for supporting its expansion on a worldwide scale.



Governmental bodies:

  • Increase of immune population
  • Standardized / Secure / Scalable mechanism to monitor immunity
  • Ability to create and impose policies for inbound/outbound flights national or international
  • Ability to define and establish policies for inbound/outbound populations

Transport Ecosystem / Tourism Industry:

  • Gradual recovery of the industries
  • Improved safety for personnel
  • Indisputable safety for passengers


  • Rapid return of security and faith
  • Access to crowded locations / Access to large scale events
  • Movement of population
  • Easier return to life regularity in the post-COVID era
  • Gradually restart the business / leisure traveling

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